The tranSMART Library

Welcome to the site of the tranSMART Foundation's Library. It contains two clusters of resources, Curated Datasets and Installation Files.

Curated Datasets

A tutorial on loading diverse data types (the Cell Line Use Case data sets) into tranSMART can be found here You can download data files from this site and then load these local files as documented on that page.

You can also load files directly from this site by using the transmart-data loading tools (see the file, which shows up as the documentation of the transmart-data link - especially the section "Running ETL targets").

The dataset folder directory shows the available datasets. Individual parts of each dataset can be downloaded as a compressed data file, by drilling down into these directories.

Release Artifacts

Below are the tranSMART Foundation release artifacts. In the case of the war files, please note, the war files are intended to be replacements for those in an already installed system. A given war file will NOT constitute a complete system on it's own; configuration files, data loading, and a raft of supporting software is needed. For details, see the instructions on the wiki at installing tranSMART.